Biography of Sheba Kwan

Sheba Kwan, a professional theatre Designer under her label Red Theory, has been transforming her clients’ dreams into reality for the past nine years. She is an eight time CEDIA award winner in Best Home Theatre Designs and Best Theatre Seating Designs in North America. Her experience has served a wide range of residential and commercial clients. Working largely in the luxury home sector alongside custom home builders and automation companies, Sheba provides sophisticated, state of the art designs to cater to her elite clientele. With extensive training and experience in the industry, she is able to capture the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.


Built on a foundation of Mechanical Engineering and Interior Design, Sheba has differentiated herself in the industry by perfecting the art of making her rooms come to life. She has a burning passion for art and design which is reflected in her award winning work. Each living space is approached with an open mind. Perspective, originality, and a keen sense of intuition allow her to zone in, with a highly perceptive manner, to her clients’ wants and needs.


Sheba excels through increasingly complex challenges. She possesses a deep understanding of quiet room constructions, acoustics, sightline analysis, projector and screen locations, material selections, and
many other key aspects of a private cinema design. Her detail oriented solutions allow her to blend cutting edge technology with a luxuriously unique design. The marriage of these forces creates a state of the art union for your entertainment space. Each design and project consistently presents a refreshing outlook and striking “wow”factor.


The long standing relationships that Sheba has developed with her clientele are a testament to her passion and dedication to excellence.