2013 was another great year at Red Theory. Winning multiple awards including Best Home Theatre and Chair design, we continue to push the envelope and stay ahead of the curve among the competition. Honourable mentions of our designs were captured in publications such as Electronic House, Our Homes, and Electronic Lifestyles. We are proud of our successes this past year and have overcome the exciting challenges of the ever changing design world and meeting the needs of our elite clientele.
Our 2014 focus remains strong as we strive and excel in pursuit of excellence to deliver award winning creations. Exceeding expectations is what we do best. To attest to this, we want to share with you a glimpse of our accomplishments from CEDIA and Electronic House…

2013 Level V Gold

2013 Level II Gold

2013 Level 1 Bronze

2011 Level V Gold

2011 Level IV Silver

2010 Level ii Bronze

2008 Level 1 Silver

2007 Best Fun Room-Gold