Our Room Design Services

Services Include:

At RedTheory, we are dedicated to making your experience with us as seamless as possible. We provide full service room designs from concept to completion. From the moment you begin your journey with us, you will experience the comfort and ease of our unified services. Each step of the process will provide you with peace of mind that your dream will be transformed into reality. We begin by taking a consultative approach to understanding your needs and focusing on your vision.


With your vision in mind, we assess all aspects of the concept to provide you with viable options in creating your dream space and pieces. We work with you to create a wish list that we take seriously. If it’s on your list, we make it a priority. Your priorities are the focal point of our design that serve as our starting point to customize your requirements. Each client has a unique palette of inspiration. We understand the diversity in design and are highly attuned to your needs. Whether your tastes are simple and classic or extravagant and luxurious, our services provide solutions distinctive for all ambiances and themes. We offer virtual room designs to help visualize your concepts.


Both form and function are vital attributes essential to designing a space or piece that meets your standards. At RedTheory we render striking aesthetics unified with the technical rigor required to provide optimal performance. Aesthetically pleasing and state of the art performance are staples in all RedTheory projects.

Sightline Analysis
Surround System Placements3D Conceptual Design RenderingsProjector Screen Location

Project Management & Execution

Floor Plans with Seating Placements

Interior & Architectural Design

Room Isolation & Room Acoustics

Construction, Lighting, Electrical Plan & Specifications