Home Theater Design and Installation


At Red Theory, we understand that your entertainment space is more than just a large screen, speakers & projector.  We study your space and ensure that we build the optimal home theatre design and environment for your enjoyment.  As part of our commitment to superior quality, we conduct a thorough analysis of your area and map out seating, sightline, lighting, and acoustics with precision. These elements are key in creating a state of the home theater design that will bring the big screen to life.  We listen to your needs and combine imagination with out of the box concepts to transform your vision into a theatrical oasis.  Escape into the comfort of your own home and enjoy a space custom designed by a professional home theatre designer to pamper you with entertainment pleasure. The sky’s the limit, we can create custom home theater designs from your initial ideas and see them through to completed installations.



Simple and modern home theatre designer

Cozy warm theatre design

Acoustically sound theatre room

Ultra modern theatre design

Award winning theater room designs

Acoustically correct home theater rooms