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Theatre Design by Sheba Kwan

At Red Theory, we understand that your entertainment space is more than just a large screen, speakers & projector. We study your space and ensure that we build the optimal home theatre design and environment for your enjoyment. As part of our commitment to superior quality, we conduct a thorough analysis of your area and map out seating, sightline, lighting, and acoustics with precision. These elements are key in creating a state of the home theatre design that will bring the big screen to life. We listen to your needs and combine imagination with out of the box concepts to transform your vision into a theatrical oasis. Escape into the comfort of your own home and enjoy a space custom designed by a professional home theatre designer to pamper you with entertainment pleasure. The sky’s the limit, we can create custom home theatre designs from your initial ideas and see them through to completed installations.


Services Offerings

  • Sightline Analysis & Floor Plan Layout
  • Surround System Placement
  • 3D Conceptual Rendering
  • Projector Housing Design
  • Screen Wall Design
  • Custom Seating Design
  • Interior & Architectural Design
  • Room Isolation & Room Acoustics Specifications
  • Construction Details
  • Lighting & Electrical Plans & Specifications
Interior Design

Red Theory provides sophisticated, state of the art designs to cater to their elite clientele.


We take pride in our commitment to personalized service; taking the time to understand the requirements of each home owner. We strive for unique, bespoke designs, and avoid “cookie cutter” or repetitive themes in the spaces that we create.


At Red Theory our mission is to combine state of the art home technology with an exceptional and captivating design. It is our goal to inspire your vision, and enhance your overall lifestyle.


Services offerings

  • System design proposal
  • Interior design/consultation
  • Assist in system layout according to interior guidelines
  • Renderings services
  • AV Specifications
  • Proposal for tender
Design Professionals

Red Theory excels at working closely with Interior Designers to help turn design concepts into high performance entertainment spaces. We understand the importance of continuity of design, and will respect the project hierarchy.


We collaborate with architects during the pre-construction phase to ensure proper space planning. Home theatres, media spaces, karaoke, VR and gaming rooms have special requirements for sight lines, acoustic isolation, HVAC and overall room dimensions.


If you are a developer, or construction manager; we offer complete system design to assist in the execution of your AV contract’s.


Our construction drawings for mechanical, electrical and framing to help you deliver the best possible finished product to your client.


We are often involved prior to a specialty AV trade so that important decisions can be made without impacting the construction schedule.


Services offerings

  • System design proposal
  • Interior recommendations for specific areas ie. Home Theatre
  • Assist in systems layout according to interior guidelines
  • Renderings services
  • AV Specifications
  • Proposal for tender
AV Integrators

At Red Theory, one goal is to help AV Integrators look their best for their clients. We will work under supervision, to complete design services, and technical specifications, working closely with your staff and vendors.


Our process allows you to focus on delivering technology, and we bridge the gap between designers, construction trades and electronics installation.


Partnering with AV Installation companies since 2009, we understand project timelines, and the specific challenges that installers are faced with. We strive to ensure you retain profitability on your projects.


Services Offerings

  • System design layout
  • Rendering services
  • AV specifications
  • Proposal for tender

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